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With over 60 stores in the UK and a busy e-commerce shop, Socialites is a dynamic, fast growing national company which is part of one of the largest growth industries in Europe.  We are a nationwide luxury retailer of electric cigarettes, tanks and accessories and are the market leaders in the postal retailing of these products.  We are proud to support British made and all of our e-juices are made in the UK.

Ditching the tar and harmful chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, Arsenic, Lead, Radon, Ethanol to name but a few of the 3,500+chemicals found in cigarettes….whilst still giving the Nicotine fix and at a much cheaper price is just part of what our products are all about…PLUS, they can also be used to reduce the Nicotine intake utilising our lower dosages, weaning customers off the Nicotine all the way down to zero……but still be able to enjoy a vape with our zero e-juices! Give vaping a go!!

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