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When it comes to filling your freezer for less, nobody does it better than Iceland. From family favourites like pies and pizzas, to healthy choices such as fish and vegetables, you’ll find a great range of quality frozen foods that are not only convenient, but taste great too! Check out our fantastic frozen range, and start making the most of mealtimes at home.

We're passionate about frozen food. Why? Because frozen food offers outstanding convenience, excellent value for money and the benefit of reduced wastage and easier meal planning. Frozen food can provide a quick and easy way of helping people to improve their diets.Freezing is an entirely natural process to extend the life of fresh food by locking in essential nutrients, usually without the need for any artificial preservatives or other additives. Freezing technology allows customers to enjoy all types of food throughout the year, regardless of the season and the long life and convenience of frozen food make it easy for consumers to plan their menus and to reduce food waste. It doesn’t require any chopping or peeling which suits today’s busy lifestyle, it can often be prepared within minutes, and its excellent nutritional benefits, all combine to make frozen food a perfect solution at meal times.If you love fresh, you will also love frozen.

For over 40 years we have prided ourselves on our food quality, ever since we became the first UK retailer to remove artificial colourings and flavourings from our products back in 1986 we have been at the forefront of providing our customers with food they can trust. From our Stonebaked Pizza’s that are made in Italy for an authentic Italian taste. To our ready meals, many of which are manufactured in our own UK-based factory. We sell high quality own label frozen food that is good value. While we keep our prices low, we do not sell cheap food. We do not sell “white pack” economy products.

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