Follow the Bear


When a child gets lost they should follow the Lost Child Trail featuring our recognisable Freddie Bear design. He has directional arrows on his tummy which the child can easily follow, enabling them to find their way to a ‘Safety Station’. This designated safety stations here at the Newlands Shopping Centre are Clarks & o2.   

Once they get there, the member of staff can look at their Silicon ID Wristband, call the Follow the Bear ® – Lost Child Hotline (of which the freephone number is on the wristband) and then give the UK Call Centre the child’s unique ID number (also on band). The Call Centre Operative then calls the Parent/Guardian, whilst keeping the member of staff on the phone and let them know that their child has been found and is being kept safe at the Lost Child Trail ‘Safety Station’. 

We inform them where the Follow the Bear ® – ‘Safety Station’ is and keep all parties on the phone until the child is reunited with the Parent/Guardian.   

If we are unable to contact the Parent/Guardian due to a poor mobile signal, (which we know can sometimes happen with certain locations) we leave a voicemail, send a SMS text message and Email them informing them that their child has been found and is being kept safe, they must then call us immediately to find out where the child is. 

If there is still no response from the Parent/Guardian they are called every 5 minutes for a 20 minute period, thereafter this is then escalated to the relevant authorities.   As an extra security measure, a password is given by the Parent/Guardian when they register their child for the membership. We inform the member of staff of this password when they call in, so that they can ask the person for it when they come to collect the child from the Safety Station.