Nose & Ear Piercing at Claire's

Nose Piercing

You can now get your nose pierced in our Claire's store from just £20. 

There are 4 titanium styles available in various colours: Aqua, Clear, Blue Zircon and Clear with a champagne gold titanium setting.

This service can only be offered to customers aged 16 or over. If you are aged between 16 and 18 years of age you will need a parent or legal guardian consent.

Ear Piercing

Why get your ears pierced at Claire's

All our stores and staff in the UK are licensed by the local authority, and are inspected by environmental health officers to ensure that our staff have received the correct training and the required hygiene standards are being achieved before the license can be issued. All licenses are issued under local authority by laws which stipulate the rules that we are to operate under, which include age guidelines. We have been offering an ear piercing service at Claire’s for over 20 years in many countries, and have pierced over 90 million ears over this period. During this time we have worked very closely with our ear piercing supplier and local authorities to ensure that we adhere to all legal requirements. Our ear piercing earrings are individually packaged and sterilised at a state of the art factory. The earrings are specialist piercing earrings with sharp posts and the instrument we use is smooth and quick and we offer a wide variety of earrings.

 Pop into the store here at Newlands Centre and chat to the staff to find out more about their piercing service.